Construction Zone Safety: Everybody's Responsibility

Construction Zone Workers are exposed to dangerous traffic threats every day at work.

Road markers are applicating new pavement markings.
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Amstetten, 23. July 2019

Despite posted slower work zone speed limits the driving public often disregards the need to slow down and recognize accidents in construction zones can be serious or even fatal to exposed workers. 

Summer time is construction zone time

Unfortunately, little attention is paid to the road workers - by ignoring speed limits and driving recklessly the drivers are putting everyone at risk. Whether car drivers or motorcyclists - few reduce the speed or heed the construction zone warnings. Not paying attention can be deadly for the workers and motorist alike. 

Construction Workzones require changes in the motorist normal driving behavior. It is important that construction zones are clearly designated with proper traffic control devices and pavement markings that help guide drivers through the workzone safely…… and night. 

Enhanced and improved pavement markings that provide greater visibility and improved performance under inclimate weather conditions can help the motorist navigate the construction zones safer, while helping to reduce the chances of lane departures within in the workzone. 

With mutual consideration, the potential danger in construction zones can be greatly reduced.

Because construction zone safety is everybody’s responsibility.

Construction Zone Markings
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