5 steps to tackle the source of 7 million annual deaths: Air Pollution!

Europe has many great cities: lovely architecture, beautiful sights, great schools and a wide range of sports activities. Of course, how we perceive a city's attractiveness depends on various factors. But no matter how we define it in this case, there's one thing that can significantly impact how we experience it: air pollution.

Creating greatness requires sacrifice. There are no living spaces without construction sites, jobs without commutes, and no events without the arrival and departure of spectators, often at the expense of our air quality.

But what if the air quality gets too bad? It's simple: no one will go outside to watch the sights. No one will enjoy the beauty of the architecture. It will become impossible to do sports. Cities will become unattractive. Do we want that? We are pretty sure we don't!

Governments have the power to proactively set the base for behavioral change and tackle this source of 7 million annual deaths.

This is the guide on how to do it:

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