5 steps to protect vulnerable road users

Whether you’re on the train, travelling by bus, or by car, at one point on your journey, you were likely a vulnerable road user (VRU). This could have been when you left your car at the train station car park to catch your train, and you became a pedestrian, or you may have cycled to your local bus stop.

Vulnerable road users (VRU) are individuals at a higher risk of injury or fatality when using roadways due to their limited protection compared to occupants of motorized vehicles. They are typically not enclosed by a vehicle's protective structure and are more exposed to the surrounding traffic environment, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and users of various personal mobility devices.
Injuries and fatalities not only cause personal suffering, but also significant costs to our society. It should therefore be in the interest of all of us to keep these undesirable impacts to a minimum.
We have identified five steps that can contribute to a sustainable improvement of the situation for VRUs:

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