ZKW Group GmbH

Sensors to Detect Markings

Studies have shown that using LiDAR and cameras together achieves the best marking detection results.

The company ZKW Group GmbH, based in Wieselburg, Austria, carried out comprehensive tests with sensors for automated driving in the wind tunnel of Rail Tec Arsenal. The tunnel was fitted with a set of marking systems by SWARCO Road Marking Systems, and their detectability was thoroughly examined, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Based on the preliminary results from this study, clear conclusions can be drawn. Retroreflective lane markings can be detected by LiDAR, with highly retroreflective systems increasing LiDAR detectability significantly. For cameras, too, higher retroreflectivity yields markedly better detectability in the dark. Adequate contrast ratios are another particularly important factor for camera systems.

Measurable Innovation

With illumination:
RL/Qd EN 1436 and average, LiDAR intensity (wavelength 905 nm),
measuring distance 16m
measuring angle 6.4°