Water Treatment

SWARCOCLEAR filter glass beads as highly effective water treatment filters

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Areas of Application

Water filters

Pool filtration systems


  • Up to 95% filtration of particles up to 1 µm in diameter
  • 50 to 100% higher filtration rate compared to sand (with the same pressure loss)
  • Excellent backwashing efficiency
  • Excellent removal of organic substances
  • Fewer process steps and backwashing sequences

SWARCOCLEAR filter glass beads by SWARCO Indusferica combine a highly effective filtering effect with clear advantages over conventional filter materials. An environmentally friendly alternative, filter glass is constantly gaining popularity in comparison to sand or gravel used for centuries.

  • Outstanding filtration properties thanks to a homogenous filter bed

  • High bulk density

  • Hard, smooth and closed surface

  • No sticking or clumping together

  • Reduces filter material by around 25%

  • Used in drinking water wells

  • Filtration systems for water treatment and recovery

  • Borehole support material in water well construction

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