Wig-Wag Signal

Stop Signal to Call Attention

Wig-Wag Signal Stop Signal to Call Attention

SWARCO's Wig-Wag signal is a standardised set of traffic signal equipment for a variety of applications, including emergency signaling at rescue stations, folding bridges, highway tunnels, sluices, and tram transitions.

SWARCO's Wig-Wag signal is designed to meet the requirements of road owners and transport authorities regarding visibility, dimensions, heights, choice of material and environmental requirements. The signal is equipped with FUTURLED-6 LED modules, which are Sweden's most common LED modules for traffic signals. FUTURLED-6 is completely maintenance-free and has a very long life cycle, resulting in low maintenance costs and high reliability, combined with optimum optical properties for increased road safety.

Typical applications:

  • Traffic lights on highways, bridges and tunnels
  • Access control for office complexes
  • Maritime applications, bridges, sluices, etc
  • Traffic management at rescue and fire stations
  • Aerodrome applications, helicopter landing sites
  • Tram signalling


Robust and
proven design


Meets highest optical standards according to SS-EN 12368


no lights to change


Suitable for Nordic

Technical Details