Enhance signal functionality and visibility with SWARCO signal accessories. With a wide selection of backplates, visors, flashers, and mounting hardware, SWARCO has everything your intersection needs.

Designed for use in conjunction with standard or LED pedestrian signal modules to promote pedestrian safety at intersections

Provide a visual contrast between traffic signal heads and the environment

More visible in daytime and nighttime conditions than standard backplates

A quick and convenient way to mount 16-inch pedestrian signals

Detection units designed to help law enforcement agencies reduce the number of red light violations

Draw attention to pertinent roadway signs and information, by flashing any traffic signal light

Provides durable mounting options for traffic and pedestrian signals

Increase signal visibility in sunlight

Advanced signal visors that combat snow buildup on signal lenses in cold climates

Control one or two flashing beacons to attract attention to important roadside signs and information