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Refurbished Signs from SWARCO! 

We have developed a process to refurbish and reuse old road signs instead of scrapping or recycling them. Instead of buying new signs, you simply reuse refurbished used signs and save 88% CO2 in the process. This has been verified by a neutral certification company for our processes.

New Traffic Signs Production

SWARCO offers any standard traffic sign according to German StVO with RAL quality label in various construction types and in all standard sizes. For the sign faces different foil types are available.


  • Flat traffic signs
  • ALKANT traffic signs
  • ALFORM traffic signs


In the quality terms and conditions the technical characteristics of the road signs are specified, according to which they are granted the right to carry the RAL quality label*. According to this specification the road sign manufactured in accordance with these guidelines will still function properly after many years of use.

SWARCO road signs are made of hard aluminum of the alloy EN AW 52 51, EN AW 30 05 o. EN AW 57 54, are manufactured according to the valid „quality requirements for road signs for stationary sign-posting” and carry the RAL quality mark No. 15. Posts, clips, tubular frame as well as the punching of the road signs conform to the IVZ standard.


* The RAL quality mark may only be attached to complete signs with complete content (pictograms, texts). The RAL quality securing association does not allow signs to which writing, symbols or similar was added after they left the place of manufacture to be labelled with the RAL quality mark, even if materials and production conform with the RAL quality requirements.


  • Quick and inexpensive assembly without special tools
  • Easy replacement of traffic signs
  • High damage resistance
  • High degree of passive safety
  • Easy handling
  • Guaranteed SWARCO quality