Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights

Always a green light for emergency vehicles

Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights Always a green light for emergency vehicles

Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights

Always a green light

for emergency vehicles

The most frequent accidents involving priority vehicles occur at intersections with traffic lights in urban areas, where the priority vehicle has a red light and the other road user has a green light. Driving with priority vehicles brings with it the necessary dangers. Because they can deviate from the normal rules of the road, they behave less predictably for other road users, resulting in accidents and casualties.

Peek Traffic GreenFlow for Bluelights

Thanks to our smart innovation Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights, emergency services automatically receive a green light at the intersections they pass. With this onboard application, priority vehicles that are wearing blue flashing lights communicate with the traffic lights on the route. The vehicle is recognized as a priority vehicle and given priority on request, allowing it to cross an intersection unimpeded. The Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights application thus contributes to reducing the number of traffic accidents involving priority vehicles (from emergency and rescue services, among others) and gets them to their destination faster and more safely.

Short-range radio

Existing priority systems, commonly using short-range radio, already ensure that emergency services are given priority at traffic lights in some cities as well. The major difference is that the new technology is bi-directional. Existing systems usually communicate their presence while approaching a traffic light. There is hardly any communication back and forth: the traffic control installation can only set the traffic lights to red, yellow or green. New technology allows for feedback to indicate the status of the priority request and will inform the driver accordingly.

Priority services

With the Peek Traffic GreenFlow for BlueLights application, a distinction can be made between absolute priority and less acute priority. The traffic lights do not always change to green just like that. By sending a timely signal from a priority vehicle, the traffic control system can anticipate and create a safe passage. An emergency vehicle driving with flashing lights and siren always gets immediate priority at a traffic light.

Saver traffic

Other road users can also benefit from the new system. Via an application on their mobile, they can be warned when, for example, a fire engine is approaching. A flashing light icon then appears on the app’s navigation screen. This allows other road users to anticipate the approaching priority vehicle and gives them more time to make way for the emergency service.

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