With OBIS, you can easily control signs, monitors and audio announcements, as well as accessibility-adapt the bus. The driver automatically receives updated driving information, and the central station can monitor and receive reports with real-time data. OBIS require no major investment because the system is hardware-independent, scalable and easy to install on individual buses or large bus fleets.

  • Real-time information on board
  • Integration to Smart Priority
  • Audio announcements
  • Wi-fi
  • Infotainment (News, transit-information etc.)

Automatic real-time passenger information

Easy to install,
operate and login

Built-in support
for signal priority

Scalable on-board
information system

  • Modern and scalable on-board information system.
  • Simple login on orbit / trip or line / trip.
  • Automatic passenger information along the trip.
  • Continuously updated driving information to the driver.
  • Automatic retrieval after route deviations.
  • Built-in support for signal priority.
  • Integration to 3rd party systems.

  • Frequent travel data reporting to real-time central systems.
  • 100% graphical interface - intuitive, changeable as desired.
  • Android screen separated from onboard PC - Small built-in dimensions.
  • Easier to find a good location for front display / onboard PC.
  • Easier to install than traditional onboard systems.
  • Better ergonomics, easy operation, better visibility for the driver.
  • Manage onboard systems such as:

    • Displays

    • Speakers

    • Passenger counters

    • CCTV

    • Alcolock

Technical Details

Drivers GUI (Android-display).OBIS App
Software on-board computerOBIS Core
Software on the central serverOBIS Center
File Management & Configuration Tools.OBIS Admin