Public Transport Priority System

KSR Public Transport Priority System

When you choose KSR you receive the top-of-the-art Public Transport System on the market.

Short transportation times are an important incentive for citizens to switch to buses and trains. For operators, a faster and smoother public transport system means significant savings in operational costs. At the same time, a well-developed bus and train network is assured for a sustainable improvement in the level of pollution in the cities.

The public transport acceleration system KSR is designed for all customary, radio-data based traffic light systems.

For local synchronization, an infrared location beacon is used in the approach area for a crossing. When the public transport vehicle enters the area, the reporting points required for requesting the traffic light system are transferred from the beacon to the vehicle. By means of radio messaging, the vehicle now sends the corresponding information at the respective reporting points to the traffic light system.

All routes and reporting points are stored in the vehicle‘s onboard computer. The position is determined by means of an odometer and the logical location synchronization at the bus stops. The traffic light requests are transferred from the onboard computer and stored.

D-GPS (Differential Global Positioning System):
The physical location of the vehicle occurs by means of a satellite-based positioning system. When the corresponding coordinates are reached, the data messages for controlling the traffic light system are sent to the control unit.

Technical Details