MyCity FAQs

1. What does urban mobility management mean?

Urban Mobility Management refers to products and solutions that improve the efficiency of a city's transportation offering. Including several modes of transport, allowing citizens to go from point A to B quickly, safely, sustainably, and conveniently.

2. Are cooperated, connected, and automated mobility (CCAM) solutions part of SWARCO MyCity?

 Yes, cooperated, connected and automated mobility solutions are already part of SWARCO MyCity as part of SWARCO's larger CCAM portfolio. Contact us at for more information about the CCAM solutions available in your region.

3. How does SWARCO MyCity address the needs of the different stakeholders within a city?

SWARCO MyCity addresses the needs of the various stakeholders with responsibility and interest in a city’s mobility operation. For example, a traffic operator has one view of all the data and actions available in a classic traffic management system, the service technician receives real-time information about device outages. The parking operator adjusts the parking prices and manages availability across the city, and the Head of Sustainability monitors the real-time and historical air quality values whilst Senior Executives utilize a high-level dashboard consolidating all such information in a single place.

4. Can I try SWARCO MyCity before buying it?

You can test MyCity features without any obligations or tedious paperwork. Contact us via to get your trial.

5. Is MyCity also a good option for small and medium-sized cities?

MyCity fits all types of cities and is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized cities because of its modularity and scalability. It enables you to start small, add new features at any time, and pay for what you use..

6. Can I start small and add new MyCity modules as needed to upgrade my offering?

Independent of your city size, you can start small, e.g., with the device or air quality monitoring, and add more advanced features when your city is ready to upgrade. The connected devices are easy to upgrade at any moment with simple enablement of the new features where no additional integration is needed.

7. Can I reduce my IT infrastructure and security costs using MyCity?

Over the last years, the average IT breach within a city administration caused millions of euros in damages and unquantifiable damage to reputation. When choosing a cloud solution from SWARCO, we provide you with a dedicated IT security team, available 24/7 and ensuring the security of your critical infrastructure. However, lack the availability of funds, scarcity of talent, and an ever-accelerating evolution in the IT space cause such security gaps to grow further. Simultaneously, the transformation toward Smart Cities and the associated opening up of systems to enable continuous data exchange elevates the topic of security to a new height. Thus, SWARCO MyCity hosted in SWARCO’s cloud and backed by a dedicated security force, enables cities to accelerate their digital transformation under the highest IT standards for a fraction of building such skillsets in-house.

8.  I want to buy MyCity; what pricing and hosting models can I choose from?

SWARCO MyCity is offered via the hosting and pricing model that fits your IT and procurement requirements. From on-prem to cloud and via perpetual, SaaS, or prepaid SaaS models, our experts will happily work with you to find the right model.

9. What are the benefits of an open platform, and how does it prevent vendor lock-in?

SWARCO MyCity is an open platform enabling cities to integrate 3rd party data, software solutions, and all types of field devices.  Securely share data from your existing devices for the addition of devices or integrations at a later date. Whether that is to add shared services for autonomous driving or other technology that enters the market in the future.

10. How can MyCity assist us on the journey to transforming into a smart, connected, and green city?

Building your city's future requires a holistic and sustainable view of the continuously growing amount of traffic and change in transport modes. Using MyCity, you can work cross-domain and get a complete overview of your city, including car traffic, public transport, parking capacity, bicycles, pedestrians, scooters, etc. MyCity is an open platform and allows collaborations with 3rd parties as well as allowing you to create strategies and evaluate your efforts with user-friendly data visualization.

11. How does MyCity help us to keep our critical infrastructure secure?

SWARCO MyCity is built on a modern platform where a dedicated team of 130+ developers and IT experts monitor and secure the system with preventative measures 24/7. SWARCO is ISO/IEC27001 certified and follows the processes to secure our customers' critical infrastructure.

12. What type of devices can I connect to MyCity?

SWARCO MyCity is built on an open platform and allows all types of integration. You can connect various traffic controllers, traffic signals, Variable Message Signs (VMS), parking signs, electric vehicle chargers, detectors, cameras, etc. Contact for more details.

13. I have hardware from another vendor. Can I connect it to MyCity?

Yes. SWARCO MyCity is built on an open platform and allows all types of integration. Contact for more details.

14. What kind of data can I collect and analyze in MyCity?

In MyCity, you can collect data from all types of devices, such as loop detectors, camera sensors, environmental sensors, parking detectors, or Floating Car Data, to give a few examples. All this data is stored, analyzed, and visualized in user-friendly reports in MyCity. Contact for more information.

Still have unanswered questions?

If you have any questions about MyCity and would like to learn more, please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.