Our largest bead factory

Rumplerstr. 12
45659 Recklinghausen, Germany
T. +49-2361-6094-0
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SWARCO's largest glass bead production located in Recklinghausen/Germany.

The VESTISCHE STRAHL- UND REFLEXGLAS GmbH, as it is formally known, has been a part of the SWARCO group since 1978.

The dynamic history of the company dates back to 1948. At its former location in Gelsenkirchen, VESTGLAS produced glass household goods and technical glass products. In the early 1960's a laquer producer, Prof. Kurt Herberts, took over the company and built up an exclusive sales organization with the North American glass bead producer Flexolite. Years later a production facility for micro glass beads was built in Recklinghausen and the Flexolite Europa GmbH (50% Flexolite, 50% VESTGLAS) was born. Flexolite's direct engagement in Europe ended in 1974 and in 1978 Manfred Swarovski took over 100% ownership of VESTGLAS.

The integration of VESTGLAS into the SWARCO group was a valuable addition to our primarily traffic safety oriented holdings. In the course of a few years, VESTGLAS became the central production site for micro glass beads for reflective road markings and various surface treatment technologies within SWARCO.

SWARCO VESTGLAS serves clients in Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Great Britain, and France. Its international activities expanded in the 1990's with equity partnerships in two companies in Saudi Arabia that brought glass bead and thermoplastic production know-how to the Middle East. Furthermore, a joint-venture with a Russian glass factory in 1994 offered new capacities and promising product developments.

In 1998 SWARCO VESTGLAS began its own thermoplastic development and production in Recklinghausen. Management is also excited about its latest and most innovative product, the special MEGALUX-BEADS®. With a sieve range between 600 and 1500 microns, 95% roundness, and unusual clarity, these precision beads achieve higher retroreflectivity values than ordinary reflective beads. MEGALUX-BEADS® are ideal for more demanding road marking systems such as profiled, higher reflective, and the increasingly important rain-reflective applications.

Besides the glass blasting bead and granular glass products, SWARCO VESTGLAS offers its large industrial client base a broad blasting media program that includes corundum as well as natural blasting media like nutshell granules, corn cob shot, and synthetic granules. Cleaning, deburring, matting and peening are only a few processes where such media can be applied.

With its state-of-the-art production facilities and ISO 9001-certified quality management, SWARCO VESTGLAS is well-prepared for the challenges of European markets in the 3rd millennium.