Preformed markings

The quick and easy choice to create durable markings

Preformed thermoplastic is an easy-to-apply material which allows to create durable small-scale markings. The marking components are preformed and just have to be arranged correctly on the road surface. By passing the hot flame of a burner over the preformed marking, it melts and creates a durable bond with the substrate. Only your imagination is the limit to the multitude of solutions that can be created with preformed thermoplastic on streets and roads, playgrounds, school yards, sports fields, and corporate areas.

Read more about our preformed thermoplastic products on our EUROTHERM website.

Pavement marking tapes constitute another form of preformed markings. The tapes come slit in rolls of various widths and as symbols and legends. Standard colours are white and yellow, customised colours available upon request. The polymer-based tapes are suitable for any kind of intersection, centerline or edgeline markings and offer an interesting solution to also highlight hospital or fire brigade exits or handicapped parking spaces. Tapes are robust and easy to apply, which minimises traffic disturbance during the marking work. The retroreflectivity of SWARCO's tapes delivers outstanding visibility under any weather and traffic circumstances. The tapes have a pre-applied adhesive backing, so no sophisticated marking equipment is needed. In order to ensure optimum bonding on the road , the surface should be primed before applying the tape.