In the case of an accident pedestrians are the group of road users with the highest risk of injury. In particular when crossing the street they are exposed to high danger. To make crossing the street less dangerous, special lighting regulations apply.

With FUTURLUX CROSS-WALK SWARCO FUTURIT has developed an LED-based pedestrian crossing light that enables excellent and timely perception of pedestrians by providing optimum light direction onto the zebra crossing and lateral lighting. Due to this lateral lighting, a person stands out much better in front of the dark night-time background. Only this way approaching vehicles are able to spot pedestrians on the crosswalk or on the adjacent pavement areas already from a distance. The white light of the LED allows for excellent colour reproduction, hence people are noticed faster and better.

By using an optimized reflector system in combination with efficient high-quality LEDs, FUTURLUX CROSS-WALK sets new standards regarding security and reduced energy consumption. Due to the outstanding photometric properties and reduced power-consumption, numerous municipalities have already ordered FUTURLUX CROSS-WALK street lights.

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