The SWARCO Lighthouse Program

Does this sound familiar to you?

"Existing solutions usually do not perfectly fit my actual needs?"

"It is hard to keep up-to-date with the technology evolution.“

"We often lack the resources (time, money, capacities, know-how) to remain well informed about innovations.“

"We have almost no budget for trial and error experiments.“

"Sometimes we are even „afraid“ of innovation.“

What is in for YOU as a part of our Lighthouse Program?

Our Lighthouse Program offers you a unique, free-of-charge opportunity to strengthen your bonding with SWARCO. You will have
a headstart in innovative developments in our group. You will benefit from exposure in the innovation community, network with other 
stakeholders, be an early tester of practical prototypes and can become a co-creator of innovative solutions that really fit your needs
in shaping modern mobility


Enjoy our information sessions on future mobility and technology evolution


Be part of our panel discussions on trends and hot topics with experts from associations, industry and academia


Touch by hand innovative solutions supported by our experts in dedicated  campaigns


Become a co-creator in the design of future mobility solutions tackling daily pain points

Become a Part of our Lighthouse Program

Position your challenges & strategic objectives and co-create the holistic mobility solution.
Join a forward-thinking community of like-minded and enjoy early-access to the latest innovation in Mobility Management.

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