Wave of willingness to help Ukraine

SWARCO provides concrete help with special budget

Immediately after the outbreak of Russia's belligerent aggression against Ukraine, SWARCO and its employees took numerous initiatives to help alleviate the indescribable emotional and physical suffering of innocent Ukrainian refugees.

As a sign of our solidarity with Ukraine, we are supporting the refugees coming to Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, where SWARCO operates sites, with unbureaucratic, practical help. The SWARCO board has set aside a special budget in the mid-five-digit range for this purpose, which is managed by our regional manager, who coordinates the use of the funds with our managing directors in the countries mentioned. These special funds are used to finance local measures on a private initiative.

These include the purchase of bunk beds, bedding and blankets, electricity generators, clothing, medical products, hygiene articles, warm winter clothing, washing machines, dryers, the purchase of food and other measures in close coordination with local NGOs. In addition, valuable donations in kind were collected in SWARCO companies and sent on their way to the border regions of Ukraine.

In this context, we would like to express our special thanks to our colleagues in the above-mentioned companies on the ground, who immediately took the initiative without much fuss and initiated relief measures as soon as the war broke out.