Turin: A new Breakthrough in E-Mobility

On Monday 16 May, at GTT's Gerbido depot, the first 4 of BYD's 100 electric buses, were officially tested in the presence of the Mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, the CEO of GTT, Giovanni Foti, and the Transport Minister, Maria Lapietra. 

“Zero-emission" eBuses are revolutionary in terms of technology, reliability, performance, usability, and comfort.

All eBuses are equipped with ITS infrastructure and software of Swarco Mizar. NEXT OBUs is the core part of ITS equipment ensuring support for the driver, full integration with other ITS on board systems (such as Ticketing, Passenger information and people counting systems) and communication with the central platform.

Alessandro Murro, Managing Director at Swarco Mizar, says: “We have a long history with the city of Torino which is also our home. Our joint ITS journey started 40 years ago and we are proud to contribute also to this project with our cutting edge technology for a safer and greener mobility from which all of us and our loved ones will benefit”.