Traffic Control and Signal Regulation

In a time of constant change it's important to have solutions and products that are flexible and future-proof, in order to maintain a long lifespan. That is reasonable and good both in regards to maintenance as well as the environment. This is an important part of the process when we develop new solutions at SWARCO. In our ITC-3 we have now also implemented new and user-friendly functions in order to make traffic control even smarter.

Smarter intersections «that think for themselves»

As part of the upgrade of our control unit we have implemented new and smart algorithms. This lets it calculate on its own what the most optimal green light period is for the intersection. In addition, if multiple traffic lights get coupled together, this can ensure a very good flow of traffic!

Smart Calendar Function

A planning tool, SMART PLAN, is available as part of the new web interface which among other things has a calendar. Here you can add special events like football matches, concerts, constitutional day and other large happenings that will be sure to affect the traffic flow.

Create Green Waves for a Better Environment

Ensure good traffic flow and get the traffic out of congested areas quickly. By connecting several signal-regulated intersections together with SMART INTERSECTION, its easier than ever to implement green waves on selected stretches. Here it's also possible to make adjustments based on the time of day. You can also let the algorithms themselves consider what the most optimal flow is, based on actual data from the detectors in the intersections.

Prioritise Public Transport

To limit traffic in the cities, it's important to ensure an attractive public transport service. A good measure is to let busses get first priority by giving them green lights in intersections. Through fewer starts and stops the journey will undoubtedly become more comfortable and will feel safer, especially for standing passengers. In addition, you can reduce the travel time and ensure that buses arrive on time. In Finland, they reduced delays by as much as 40% by implementing bus prioritisation!

When Every Second Count – For Emergency Response Vehicles

When an emergency response vehicle drives with sirens, every second count. It could be for a cardiac arrest, critical fire or someone being threatened with a knife. Lives are at risk. We know that statistically on average every year 17.4 people get killed in collisions with emergency response vehicles. In addition, you know that these vehicles are at the same time on a mission to save someone else entirely, in a different location. One of the most common places accidents like these occur is in a signal-regulated intersection. This could have been prevented if they had signal priority.

High Standards for Security – SIL3 – Of Course

We have high standards when it comes to our own production to ensure that those that are on the road have a safe and good journey, whether they drive, cycle or walk. Our ITC-3 control units are therefore SIL3 certified, which means they're at the highest level in terms of security.