SWARCOCLEAR Filter Glass Beads

Glass beads have a highly effective filtering effect, and offer clear advantages compared with conventional filter materials. For centuries, sand and gravel filter media have been used to collect, extract, purify and treat drinking and process water.

An environmentally friendly alternative, filter glass is constantly gaining popularity. Thanks to their precise geometric shape and the resulting homogenous filter bed, filter glass beads have outstanding filtration properties. Water well construction has already been using glass beads as a borehole support material in drinking water extraction for a long time. But in addition to drinking water wells, glass beads can also make a compelling case in filtration systems for water treatment and recovery. Many installations in private and public swimming pools as well as large industrial plants have proven this extensively.

Well Rounded
The advantages of glass beads compared with sand as a filter medium are crystal clear: from the start, glass filters even the smallest particles out of the water thanks to its high bulk density, just like sand. But glass beads do not stick and clump together or form channels, and they are easy to clean mechanically by backwashing the filter. This enables a more economical use of maintenance products. Furthermore, because glass has a more open structure, pumping power can also be reduced significantly. This means the amount of filter material used can be reduced by up to 25%. By the same token, the much shorter backwash duration cuts water and energy needs drastically.

SWARCOCLEAR Excellence in water quality

  • Up to 95% filtration of particles up to 1 μm in diameter
  • 50 to 100% higher filtration rate compared to sand, with the same pressure loss
  • Excellent backwashing efficiency
  • Excellent removal of organic substances
  • Fewer process steps and backwashing Sequences