This is to inform you that effective 1 March 2022, our Italian subsidiary SWARCO Mizar has been renamed SWARCO Italia. We kindly ask you to adapt your address database accordingly. The only changes refer to the name of the legal entity and the impersonalized email address. The rest remains unchanged:

SWARCO Italia s.r.l.
via Nizza 262 / 57 first floor
10126 Turin
T. +39 011 6500411
E. office.italia@swarco.com

This new name now identifies the company as our country organization in Italy. It is one of our principles to name legal entities that are the sole SWARCO company in a country following the pattern “SWARCO + country name”. The country name sometimes is used in the local language variant, as in this case “Italia” instead of “Italy”.  

Under the new name of SWARCO Italia, our Turin-based colleagues will continue to spread their competence and experience built in 40 years of history, guaranteeing excellence, innovation, reliability, and international project management expertise in the ITS areas of local public transport and urban and extra-urban traffic control.