SWARCO and MONOTCH deploying tomorrow's roads, connecting today

“Coopetition” to foster large-scale deployment of CCAM for safer, greener, more inclusive, and efficient mobility.  

SWARCO and Monotch, esteemed leaders in the traffic technology field, have united to lead a groundbreaking initiative to expand Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) services to large-scale deployment. This initiative promises to provide cities and road authorities worldwide with an easier and less complex approach to CCAM thanks to plug-and-play solution packages designed to foster safer, greener, more inclusive, and efficient mobility. For this, SWARCO and Monotch are jointly investing in a complimentary package for cities and road authorities that removes the barriers for large-scale CCAM deployment. 

The journey began when SWARCO and Monotch found themselves as competitors within certain segments of the CCAM value chain. Rather than remaining entrenched in rivalry, both companies recognized the potential for synergy by combining their strengths. This bold decision marks a shift from competition to coopetition, utilizing Monotch's high-quality data exchange environment and SWARCO's vast ITS portfolio (in a large installed base) and domain knowledge. "We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Monotch," says Christoph Stögerer, Vice President Products & Solutions ITS at SWARCO. "Together, we are not only reshaping the CCAM landscape but also setting a new standard for collaboration within the industry." Echoing this sentiment, Menno Malta, CEO at Monotch, emphasized the significance of the partnership, saying, "Our collaboration with SWARCO represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of CCAM. We are combining our strengths to drive tangible advancements in CCAM technology, ultimately enhancing mobility experiences for road users across Europe." 

A key success factor in this collaboration is the hands-on approach taken: during the annual SWARCO Fast Prototyping Week technical breakthroughs concerning the integration of the 2 solutions were fastly achieved, using real-life traffic systems from Finland and Germany. In addition, the team developed an operational toolkit based on a real time dashboard that can be used to evaluate both performance and effects of a CCAM service. Along with the technical developments, the teams pioneered an out-of-the-box idea on the business side in joining forces to simply make it happen. 

With Tampere (Finland) selected as the initial launchpad for a nationwide deployment, this strategic move underscores SWARCO and Monotch’s commitment to cooperation and proactive deployment of CCAM solutions across the European Union. The complimentary package equips cities with the essential prerequisites for smart and connected intersections (i.e. by having the infrastructure CCAM ready – controller updates, interoperability, data exchange layer, ecc.), leveraging the strengths of both parties while carefully minding state-of-the-art IT principles as interoperability, the use of open standards, cybersecurity, and privacy. Cities and road authorities can anticipate a seamless transition to advanced CCAM solutions, unlocking new possibilities for innovation, safety and efficiency on a global scale.

Intertraffic visitors can learn more about “Deploying Tomorrow’s Roads, Connecting Today” in the Summit Theatre 3 on 17 April from 11:15 – 11:45 (A NEW ERA FOR CONNECTED MOBILITY AND DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE: SERVICES, STANDARDS AND INTEROPERABILITY). 

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