Small Beads - High Refractive Index

SWARCOFORCE REFLEX glass filler beads with a high refractive index are increasingly used in applications involving interaction with light. In addition to the benefits of using glass filler beads as filling agents in plastics and building materials as well as in paints, varnishes and coatings to improve physical properties, it is their high refractive index in particular which makes SWARCOFORCE REFLEX glass filler beads a continuously sought-after industrial product.

SWARCOFORCE REFLEX glass filler beads are increasingly being used in greenhouse applications due to their ability to absorb long-wave infrared radiation and re-emit the energy gained back to the environment and due to their high reflection in the near-infrared NIR band, which allows them to refl ect a large part of the sun’s purely thermal radiation. The glass fi ller beads are added in the processing of plastic films and multi-wall sheets for greenhouses, as this prevents overheating during the day and reduces heat loss at night. Moreover, glass filler beads allow for diffuse light conditions while hardly lowering the material’s transparency. As SWARCOFORCE REFLEX glass filler beads contribute to enhancing retroreflection of materials, they are also becoming increasingly interesting for the paint, varnish and coating industry.