Schoolchildren Enthusiastic about New, Creative Markings

As the Europaschule Hünfelden redesigns the schoolyard of its primary school, creative markings by
SWARCO Road Marking Systems spark excitement. 

More safety, more fun! Pupils at the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule, also known as Europaschule Hünfelden, are excited about the redesigned schoolyard of the primary school, with colourful markings providing inspiring colour accents. In addition to child-friendly figures, the school grounds are decorated with European stars as a symbol of the school’s status as an “Europaschule”. This project was carried out jointly by parents, teachers and SWARCO Road Marking Systems.

Thanks to SWARCO Road Marking Systems’ applications, the primary school’s schoolyard at the Europaschule Hünfelden was redesigned with colourful accents, which encourage pupils to play.

Hünfelden-Dauborn, 09 June 2020 – Life is colourful – learning, playing and having fun. Colourful preformed markings in schoolyards inspire children to interact with each other and let their imaginations soar. With this in mind, together with the pedagogical team, parent representatives in Hünfelden-Dauborn created an exciting concept to redesign the primary school’s schoolyard. Judith Lehnert, the school’s headmaster, is delighted: “The colourful drawings provide colour accents and encourage the kids to move. They are learning by playing, which is ideal from a pedagogical standpoint”, she says. The European stars, which are the symbol of the school’s “Europaschule” status, are one of the central eye-catching features of the new design. Experts from SWARCO Road Marking Systems were in charge of the technical implementation of this project, which was supported by the European Union.

Modern Markings for Long-Term Fun

The colourful figures were selected jointly by parents and their children. SWARCO Road Marking Systems supplied, among others, the preformed markings, and applied them to the schoolyard. “EUROTHERM and LIMBOROUTE are the perfect products to implement this nice idea. Bringing this project to life together with parents and the pedagogical team was a lot of fun”, says Christine Jungbauer from SWARCO Road Marking Systems, who provided on-site support to the project. In addition to being fully customizable, EUROTHERM preformed markings are durable and easy to apply. The European stars and the football pitch were also applied by SWARCO using LIMBOROUTE 2-K K809 two-component high-solid paint.

More Safety, More Fun

EUROTHERM thermoplastic road markings are used for a wide variety of markings and projects, from traffic signs and company logos all the way to number snakes and pedagogical learning materials. LIMBOROUTE 2-K K809 is an aromatic-free two-component high-solid paint. This high-quality, low-solvent product is ideal for the application of markings like the ones in the schoolyard in Hünfelden.

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