Participation Strengthens Employee Loyalty

At SWARCO Road Marking Systems, having your say, easy participation in the company’s activities, and co-determination are possible in numerous different ways, creating a win-win situation for both employees and the companies of the Division.

SWARCO Road Marking Systems recognizes the importance of internal information and employees’ right to participate. Therefore, it created a diverse communication structure, making it easy for employees to stay informed, network, exchange knowledge and create new ideas. This enables the staff to engage interactively in the company’s activities and actively contribute to shaping them.

Easy access to information is key. Employees working in all areas of the SWARCO Road Marking Systems Division have the possibility to take part in the company’s activities via smartphone, laptop, PC or TV screen.

22 February 2023 – Since its founding in 1969, the traffic technology group SWARCO and its Road Marking Systems Division follow the motto of a sustainable future. In order to anchor such socially responsible actions even further within a company, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy needs to be accompanied by an open exchange with all important stakeholders. A key element here is the company’s relationship with its employees.

Open and Transparent Communications

This is precisely what has always been highly valued in the SWARCO Road Marking Systems Division, though the corporate structure and culture have changed a lot in recent years: The number of employees has grown, and all over the world, new operational sites have been integrated into the SWARCO group. Home office workplaces as well as new communication structures and channels have been set up.

A digital platform for internal communications is already being used at many SWARCO Road Marking Systems Division sites as an addition to the established communication channels of the SWARCO Holding. The convenient new IT tool makes it very easy for employees to stay up to date on new developments and connect with colleagues. Information is easily accessible via smartphone, laptop or PC and broadcast on TV screens for all staff. “Many companies generally like to think about their public and brand image, but often neglect internal communications, as they don’t have a direct impact on sales figures. At SWARCO, we consider open and transparent internal communications to be a key factor for the success of our companies,” explains Martina Dobner, CSR Specialist at SWARCO Road Marking Systems.

Strengthening the Corporate Community Spirit

SWARCO Road Marking Systems’ staff can exchange information and ideas on important topics across all levels and continents, gather and build up expertise, and collaborate on projects. Employees are asked regularly for their opinion on certain topics, such as whether they want to engage in ecological or social corporate volunteering projects during their work time. Communication always takes place on an equal footing and in all directions. Production staff can bring up important topics or concerns related to day-to-day operations, and management can communicate clear goals. Martina Dobner underscores this as follows: “This form of communication makes it easy for us to explain shared values and organisational goals transparently and work towards achieving them. This creates a sense of community and encourages interaction, such as in polls or surveys that decisions are then based on.”

Participating in Innovation and Improvement Processes

Employees can contribute to shaping the company in many different ways: Thanks to our integrated suggestion system, it’s possible to submit suggestions via the digital platform at any time. This allows for new solutions to be created in a direct way, be it about saving on material used, or enhancing occupational safety, for example. By the same token, employees can contribute valuable ideas for new CSR cooperation partnerships. This creates added value for both the company and its workforce, as further described by Martina Dobner: “Having your say, co-determination and participating in joint decisions and successes fosters the commitment of everyone involved and strengthens the bond between our companies and employees.”

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