New and improved Pedestrian Push Button

We are all getting familiar with the new CCAM / TLF technology where the traffic controller is sending information out to the drivers about time to green and time to red - that can be read directly in the dashboard of a vehicle or on a mobile app to uptimise traffic flow with fewer stops.

We have challenged our engineering team

The question is: How shall this work for pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas, where it is not convenient for them to move around looking down at their mobile phone?

Built-in advanced countdown

The answer our Engineering team came up with is a new concept for a pedestrian push button with a built-in advanced countdown bar where pedestrians and cyclists can see the time to green / time to red information directly.

To achieve this, we had to develop a solution where all the push buttons are connected and can relay information between each other and the ITC Traffic controller sending out the time to green and the time to red information. This is displayed as a countdown bar on each push button.

By taking advantage of the TLF prediction algorithm in the ITC controller this new concept is a great solution to the problem: How to do countdown in vehicle actuated or adaptive intersections?

If the Traffic controller is running with fixed time for the green and/or red pedestrian group, the push button will automatically learn the sequence and start to display the countdown information.

Higher safety for visually impaired

Visually impaired people often have the problem that the acoustic pilot tone in the push buttons is set to a low level so as not to disturb the neighbours in residential areas. To solve this, we have developed TRAFFIC HELPER - a new function that increases the sound level when the visually impaired are within a range of 100 metres from the push button.

TRAFFIC HELPER is available either as a mobile app or by a device of the size of a coin that the visually impaired can carry in their pocket. The device is motion-activated to prolong battery life.