Mobile parking with PARCO - this is how it works

More and more cities are offering mobile parking in addition to traditional parking with paper tickets and cash, thus taking a step towards the future of traffic and parking management. SWARCO's new parking app PARCO can be downloaded in Germany since 01.04.2020 and is available in an increasing number of German cities. With PARCO cities offer their citizens and visitors an uncomplicated and reliable all-in-one solution for convenient and stress-free parking.

Here is how mobile parking with PARCO works:

The user enters the destination. PARCO determines the best parking options near the desired location. The app displays information about the type of parking space (at the side of the road or in a parking garage) and the parking fees for the first hour. PARCO also provides information about the distance to the actual destination including the time it takes to walk there from the parking lot. The occupancy status predicts in real time how likely it is to find a free parking space upon arrival at the selected parking area.

Once a parking space has been selected, PARCO navigates the user to the parking space using the best possible route. On arrival at the car park, the user uses his or her free PARCO customer account to purchase a digital, cashless online ticket for the desired period. A special feature compared to other parking apps: if desired, PARCO will also navigate the footpath from the car park to the final destination and back again.

The parking time was wrongly estimated? No problem, because the parking process can easily be extended or terminated prematurely before the parking time expires. PARCO will remind users in good time when the parking time expires. Billing is done collectively at the end of the month via a certified payment service provider. Users can view all completed parking transactions and receive a monthly report.

Would you like to offer PARCO in your city as well? We look forward to receiving your contact.

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