High-performance EV charging system using renewable energy for Bernd Goldhammer GmbH

SWARCO Smart Charging solutions in Cuxhaven / Germany

Bernd Goldhammer GmbH is a long-established car service provider and car dealer near Cuxhaven, at the North Sea coast of Germany. The company provides a gas station for fossil fuels and offers repairs and car servicing with partnering to the Ford motor company.

In the upcoming years, more and more electric and hybrid vehicles will drive on our roads. Therefore, Goldhammer decided to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure to make the transition to clean energy and revitalize his business. On site, Goldhammer has some storage facilities and a workshop, both of
which have been equipped with solar panels recently. In addition, due to the location at the North Sea, a lot of wind energy is available at the site.

Goldhammer needed a powerful EV charging system to charge one or two cars at an output of about 270 kW DC, without the need to upgrade the grid or transformers. The system should use renewable energy from the solar panels on site and, if necessary, from a gaspowered generator.

SWARCO provided the customer with a high-performance charging system (hypercharger). The project included the installation and commissioning of a high-performance charger with up to 270 kW DC. SWARCO now provides regular service and maintenance of the equipment as well as a remote monitoring service via SWARCO MyCharge Control (CPO) to keep this sophisticated product up and running.

A later upgrade to payment services is likely once the offering is established. The project was fostered by funding from the regional government of Lower Saxony.



2022 and ongoing services


Implement a powerful EV-charging system without the need to upgrade the grid or transformers. Mainly make use of the renewable energy available on site.


Installation and commissioning of a high-performance charger with battery booster. Remote monitoring, regular service, and maintenance of the equipment.


Charging station consisting of one battery booster pack of 140 kWh capacity and two dispensers for connecting electric vehicles via CCS-Plug. The battery booster is connected to the grid via 50 kW AC. The lithium-ion batteries and charging cables are liquid cooled to guarantee a consistent peak performance of the equipment for many years.

SWARCO MyCharge Control as a technical backend for monitoring the devices and offering a world class service in case of any problems concerning the charger.