Clear messages from the road

Preformed markings from SWARCO Road Marking Systems bring efficient communication down to earth.

Preformed markings from SWARCO Road Marking Systems are made of thermoplastics. They increase road safety, defuse danger zones and have educational or advertising functions on school and company premises.

Pedestrian crossing with integrated pedestrian symbol: A visually conspicuous, preformed thermoplastic road marking increases traffic safety.

Picture: SWARCO Road Marking Systems

Amstetten, 3. July 2019

“Our preformed thermoplastic markings come into their own in road traffic. Formed into familiar road signs or symbols, they communicate instantaneously. Since they are situated directly in the driver’s line of sight, they are clearly visible – even in poor light and weather conditions, thanks to our reflective glass beads. In this way, the efficient markings defuse danger zones, offering protection above all to more vulnerable road users and children,” explains Philipp Swarovski, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SWARCO Road Marking Systems.

Interaction in the schoolyard, branding on business premises

Apart from road surfaces, there is a vast array of other potential applications for preformed markings. In schoolyards and playgrounds, they create the basis for interaction and play – for example, in the form of letter labyrinths or number snakes. They are also predestined for implementing corporate design elements on business premises. Philipp Swarovski notes: “Our customers can choose from a wide range of shapes, symbols and colours. In every case, we bring their ideas down to earth.”

Simple to lay, extremely durable

Laying preformed markings requires a little skill, although it is significantly simpler than the process for other types of marking. The site to be marked must be dry and free of dust and grease. Once the outline of the marking has been traced with chalk, the substrate must be dried thoroughly and preheated if conditions are wet or cold. Then a primer coat is applied and, when this is dry, the preformed marking is placed on top. This is heated all over with a gas burner until bubbles form on the surface. Then the marking is sprinkled with a special gritting material, cleaned with a broom and its adhesion checked with a sharp object. The marking is fit for traffic in a matter of minutes. It is extremely resistant to ice, frost, oil and snow. The gritting material ensures better grip and retroreflection.

Corporate Data

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Text: Kommhaus