Bregenz / Austria

Best Practice: Efficient PGS renovation in Bregenz

The city of Bregenz (AUT) has entrusted SWARCO with the rehabilitation of a parking guidance system installed in 2004. The time and cost efficient system update improves operation, parking comfort and energy consumption.


Parking guidance systems (PGS) help to make finding a parking space as stress-free as possible. They provide drivers with dynamic information on parking spaces, free spots and can display charging points for electric vehicles. In addition, they provide cities/municipalities, shopping centres or airports with an overview of the parking areas and, subsequently, of potential congestion points.

Since 2004, the city of Bregenz has relied on a PGS that was to bring SWARCO to the latest state of the art and comprises the following system components:

System Components

Parking Control Center
17 locations with
51 dynamic signs
Counting device of the multi-storey car parks or parking spaces
Data transmission between the components (radio)

Renovation is more about studying

The focus was on the installation and configuration of the new parking control center, based on an existing rural radio system. This is the key component of the dynamic parking guidance system, collects data from the connected parking facilities and determines switching commands for the dynamic signs. The data is also archived and can thus be evaluated for traffic statistics purposes. In normal operation, the parking control centre operates fully automatically and without any operator. An operator authorised by password can also manually intervene in the PGS via the user interface (via network or Internet interface) and thus react to unusual situations or to re-parameterise the system.

Optimization is about studying

During the reconstruction of the parking data recording devices, new induction loops and outdoor control cabinets - including recording electronics - were installed in order to improve the recording accuracy at problematic locations. The mast, mounting material, cabling and the housing (excl. front) could be reused for all parking guidance signs. In addition, the PGS was extended by a further dynamic location. The following were replaced: the original LCD parking position indicators (using energy-saving LEDs), LCD control modules and housing fronts (including energy-efficient LED interior lighting).

The new concept for counting all parking spaces could be implemented in time before the huge rush of visitors to the Bregenz Festival. The conversion of the existing dynamic locations was carried out without interruption of operations over the summer of 2019, and as a result the PGS was extended by a further dynamic location (mast incl. displays, electronics, LCD and LEDs) by the end of the year. After completion of the refurbishment, the staff of the city of Bregenz was trained by Swarco employees in the use of the PGS, so that they are now able to operate and configure the PGS independently.

Project Challenges

Tight schedule before the Bregenz Festival 2019
Optimization of the induction loops used for counting the surface parking spaces 
Integration of external systems of existing car parks
Extension with a further dynamic display
Upgrade during running operation



June 2019 – December 2019


Cost- and time-efficient PGS refurbishment, tight time frame, integration of third-party systems, new concept for parking space counting


Complete planning and execution