Antiskid Coldplastic Carpets: a Solution for Pedestrian Crossings

On April 13, 2021, the first pedestrian crossing with antiskid carpet made of two-component material was marked in Bucharest on Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, no. 17-19.

The project was carried out by the Association for Education, Development and Youth Involvement (EDIT), in partnership with Generali Romania and is part of the National Program for Safety Education - "Safe Romania" developed by EDIT in collaboration with Romanian Police and the Ministry of Education and Research.

The decision to mark this area was not arbitrary, given the fact that over 400 children from Kindergarten 246 and School 117 use it daily to cross the boulevard. The high risk of this crossing point is shown in the statistics issued by the Romanian Police regarding the number of accidents that took place around Iuliu Maniu Boulevard.

Source: Association for Education, Development and Youth Involvement

In 2020 alone, even in the less intense traffic conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 21 road accidents, in which 4 people died, 5 were seriously injured and 16 were slightly injured. The main causes of these incidents are irregular crossing and not giving priority.

The technique used for this pedestrian crossing involves the application of a rough, 17 meters red carpet, in front of the crossing, on both travel directions. This two-component surface proves increased visibility and, at the same time, substantially reduces the braking distance due to its antiskid properties. The crossing is also equipped with a tactile surface for the blind. The redevelopment works of the pedestrian crossing were carried out with the help of road marking specialized companies SWARCO Road Marking Systems and Dumava. The members of the EDIT association were the first to inaugurate the new pedestrian crossing, together with a group of children from grades I-IV, who were trained by the trainers of the “Ora de Educatie Rutiera” and by the representatives of the Romanian Police. "Ora de Educatie Rutiera" is a program developed by the Edit Association and supported by Generali Romania since 2017, addressed to preschoolers, schoolchildren and high school students in Romania, so that they adopt a responsible behavior in traffic.

"Encouraged by the effect of the 3D pedestrian crossings that we implemented in 2019, as a premiere for Bucharest, we continued our approach and identified new ways to increase the safety of pedestrian crossings. Our main focus are the black spots of Bucharest, those vulnerable and accident-prone places, where many of the victims are children and adolescents. We need the involvement of everyone, given that our country stands out in Europe with a very high mortality due to road accidents ", explains Liviu Zorilă, President of EDIT.

“We strongly believe in the importance of a proactive approach and constant improvement of all elements of road infrastructure, because such efforts ultimately translate into more lives saved. We also believe that these steps are only part of a big project, which must be completed with road education and responsibility actions for all traffic participants ", explains Adrian Marin, CEO, Generali Romania.

Source: Association for Education, Development and Youth Involvement, Press release 13.04.2021

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