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Make your innovation visible

Finding the right partners for your founding project is no easy task,
but it is a decisive factor in your entrepreneurial success.

Start-ups often lack human resources, experience and knowledge of how to market innovation successfully. Young companies can struggle to realize their ideas
as they do not have a long history of success, and their financial resources and,
in particular, their access to markets are limited. And yet, more than ever, our economy depends on groundbreaking ideas and future-oriented innovations. 

SWARCO JOIN&GROW has the right team to support young entrepreneurs and innovative minds as they set out to realize their ideas. As part of a JOIN&GROW cooperation, SWARCO can play a variety of roles, from purely providing information to proactively contributing to development and offering professional marketing services.

  • Possibilities for long-term and strategic cooperation
  • Accelerated growth
  • Use of SWARCO’s available resource
    (machines, labs, processes, consulting etc.)
  • Bundling of target groups and joint activities to
    ​​​​​​​open up and cultivate new markets
  • Financial support or participation
  • Growth opportunities and internationalization
  • Rely on the market experience of a global player

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