Why SWARCO Smart Charging for Commercial Fleets?

Our mission is to be the most trusted partner to our Commercial Fleet customers, keeping your vehicles on the road and your products and people moving.

Fleet Scheduler

To intelligently manage your fleet charging needs

Fleet Manager

To afford you maximum visibility and control

Fleet Charging

To deliver fast and reliable charging performance for maximum uptime


Discover our guide to the UK Government’s current and future funding of EV charging and a chance to imagine a brave new world

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See how we are driven by the Power to Connect and learn more about how smart charging technology and our smart thinking can guide you to an electric future.

Why SWARCO Smart Charging

We work with those who need quality, certainty and innovation that sets a new standard of excellence.



We’re an original and long-term player in the EV charging space


Smart Technology

Our hardware and software solutions are a byword for reliability


Smart People

Smart Charging is about smart people and how they think 

Long-term strategic thinking

Future success is only partly judged on the technology you install. Whether you’ve got five vehicles or 5,000, mixed fleet or single type, you need someone who can support you and your needs in the longer term.

‘Connected’ technologies
Technology only becomes ‘smart’ at the point it becomes ‘connected’, and the ability to connect a charge point to a management ‘back office’ delivers a significant level of control and information around energy usage and consumption to justify your investment and keep you out in front.

Operational Performance

Reliability is everything and operational efficiency your number one priority. Our technology is easy to understand, operate and control and can grow as you grow, without causing problems further down the road.