Marking Systems for Parking

Orientation, Safety and Durability with Professional Markings.

Marking systems for parking are specially designed to identify parking spaces at outdoor car parks and in parking houses. They indicate, in most cases with lines, how and where motor vehicles need to be parked and indicate the boundary to the running traffic. To guarantee clear guidance for driver orientation and vehicle order at parking facilities, our customers can choose between white or coloured markings, depending on regional regulations. For improved safety and guidance in case of emergency like fire or power outage, we offer so-called afterglow marking systems that contain pigments which are incited by external light sources and then continue to glow for a certain period of time once the light source is no longer on.

Durability Guaranteed 

Markings have to fulfill high expectations. Indoor markings must be highly resistant to abrasion, stains and chemicals but easy to clean. No problem with SWARCO marking systems. Our formulations were trimmed to fit the various flooring needs and can be applied to different surfaces. 

Safety in Case of Emergency

SWARCO markings can signifficantly increase indoor safety when combined with certified phosphorescent indoor safety lane makring systems for marking ground-level escape routes. Only with high-quality markings safety for all kind of road users can be improved.

For over four decades SWARCO has been one of the leading producers and suppliers of high-quality marking systems for outdoor and indoor use so that our markings for car parks and industrial halls have been successfully proven in practice for many years now. With our industry knowhow and competence we can offer the full range of marking materials and reflective glass beads to form marking systems with excellent retroflectivity combined with high durability.