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SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads in the building materials industry

In the building materials industry, SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads are used, among others, in translucent joint sealants. They enhance the colours of glass mosaics and glass tiles and give them a shimmering effect. They also compact surface structures, making them waterproof and detergent-proof.

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Areas of Application


Joint sealants

Laminate flooring



Wall paints

3D printing

How do SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads enhance the properties of materials?

  • Increased scratch resistance

  • Improved abrasion resistance

  • Optimized fluidity

  • Reduced warping and shrinking behaviour

  • Increased precision of 3D printing results

The Ideal Optimizer for a Wide Variety of Building Materials

Used as filling agents, SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads enhance the properties of a wide variety of building materials. Adding these glass filler beads can optimize rigidity and pressure resistance, warping and shrinking behaviour, fluidity, colour and surface gloss, for example. Floor sealants benefit from improved skid resistance, and adhesion promoters benefit from better adhesion with the matrix material. In laminate flooring, glass filler beads reinforce the overlay, increasing abrasion resistance.

Tried and Tested around the World and Tailored to Your Application

That’s why many leading producers of building materials in Europe and Asia rely on SWARCO Indusfericas’ products. Grain sizes and the properties of the glass beads can be tailored optimally to individual needs. SWARCOFORCE glass filler beads can be made with a broad range of coatings, which defines the interaction with the matrix material used.

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