In addition to being proud of SWARCO as a company, we are also proud of each other, our team, and what we achieve together.
If you want to know how we feel about SWARCO,
check out the videos on this #ProudOfSWARCO landing page.

    "SWARCO is a family business. Partly because of the owner family, but partly because we at SWARCO see ourselves as one big family."
   "Employees are important at SWARCO, and people are important. After all, SWARCO is shaped by each and every person."
    "My workplace is my favorite spot in the company because I feel very much at home there."

What counts most:

At SWARCO, we listen to what matters most to people. We know that in their daily work, many colleagues are focused on the values of our products & services, but also on the value of our company in society.

We recognize this change in job seekers' attitudes and the wide range of demands placed on employers. It is therefore our goal that our employees are proud to work at SWARCO. And everyone should be happy.

"My work is challenging, but it's really fun. It’s the perfect combination."
"I have certain guidelines at work, but I also have a lot of freedom. I appreciate that."
"I really enjoy the relaxed way we interact with each other."

SWARCO Insights

Why we are proud to work at SWARCO ...

What do people value about about their jobs?

We asked

the question!

  • Great team and pleasant colleagues
  • Purposeful products and services
  • Added value for society
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Work-life balance
  • Each person is valued and appreciated
  • All ideas are welcome
  • Opportunities 

Want to know the best thing about SWARCO?  We tick all these boxes! Because we consider them as important as they are worthwhile, and because we want our employees to feel 100% at home here.


This feeling is what binds us together at SWARCO. The feeling of pride in the most positive sense. Proud of our WE, proud of our purposeful work, and proud of SWARCO. And we look forward to many more "Proud of Moments" with a constantly growing team. Are you interested in becoming part of it? Then check out our job openings and apply quickly and easily.
"We are proud of our company.  Not only of what we produce and the solutions we offer, but also of our employees and how we respond to their needs. SWARCO has great people working in dedicated teams who make our world a little safer every day."

What our
colleagues say

We are in constant communication with our employees at the various sites to find out what we are doing well and where we can still improve.

The great thing is that we are already doing many things right and there are countless "ProudOfSWARCO statements" in our company. These stem from the managing directors and team leaders as well as from the employees themselves.

 # It makes us proud to be involved in projects that have a global impact and thus make a positive difference in the world. 
# We are proud to make the world's roads safer and save lives every single day. 
# It makes me proud to work in a company that respects and values me for who I am. With all my strengths and weaknesses. 
# We are proud to work in a company that makes a real impact in terms of sustainability and protecting the environment.