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Slim sustainability

FUTURA Slim sustainability

Sustainability is a good designer: Our FUTURA traffic light family has consistently been developed under the eco-design principle. The LED technology enables a very flat construction which minimizes both the weight and use of resources. This results in contemporary traffic lights which are particularly easy to mount, are environmentally friendly and make a key contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Their slim and elegant appearance enhances any urban landscape.

FUTURA will suit you if you are looking for a slim, modern, elegant, environmentally friendly and sustainable traffic light solution for your applications.


Major Benefits






Bracket Arms:

  • Polycarbonat:
    • available in the colors of traffic signal heads
    • available in the lengths 70mm and 175mm (next point on pole to centre of mounting screw)
    • cable entry through the bracket arm

  • Aluminium:
    • robust design even for special applications (eg. backing boards)
    • available in the lengths 105mm, 183mm and 240mm (next point on pole to centre of mounting screw)
    • available in the colours of traffic signal heads
    • cable entry through the bracket arm

Other mounting options:

  • Set of covers:
    • toothed covers for the fixation with 40mm metal bracket mounting
    • cable entry through cable gland

  • Fixation on poles with bracket:
    • short bracket arms on c-rail with plate for mounting clip
    • cable entry through the bracket arm

Backing Boards:

  • shape and imprint on country-specific standards
  • made of aluminium composite panel
  • fixed with the aluminium bracket arms
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