The LED traffic signal SWARCO CIWAY is a variant of the COMBIA traffic light family, which is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate and is available in individual color combinations. Faster maintenance due to the very wide opening angle, as well as reduced assembly time by simply and quickly opening the aspects, are just a few of the many product advantages of this signal head. Of course, CIWAY is also an intelligent traffic signal thanks to the additional smart functions and thus ready for the age of “smart mobility”.

 Prepared for
Smart functions




  • the smart features “SafeLight, AirDec, PedCom“ can be installed individually
  • easily extendable and prepared for smart additional functions (automated driving, C-ITS etc.)
  • optional: integrated acoustic unit “Sound“ in half aspect
  • faster maintenance: opening angle of the front doors to the left or right up to 175° at 200 mm and up to 150° at 300 mm
  • reduced assembly time by simply and quickly opening the aspects
  • simple type of clamping technology for LED cabling
  • elastic, plug-in visors - optionally fixable with screws
  • easy cable routing between the aspects
  • mounting of backing boards is prepared
  • additional installations can be integrated in the housing

Technical Details

MaterialUV-stabilized polycarbonate
200 / 300 mm | aspects: 1-5,
vertical or horizontal
Smart featuresintegrated as 1/2 aspect version for 200 mm,
on top and / or bottom
LED-Optic200 / 300 mm LED modules FUTURLED
optional: also possible in combination
Two-point fixing
  • 70 mm for 1-3 aspects (polycarbonate)(optional: 168 mm polycarbonate and 105 / 183 / 240 mm aluminum)
  • fixing for ironflats or on cantilever bracket
Backing boardsfixing by means of domes on the back of the housing
Housing coloursRAL 6009 fir-green
RAL 9005 black
RAL 7001 silver-gray / front black RAL 9005
RAL 7032 light grey / front black RAL 9005
RAL 6009 fir-green / front black RAL 9005
RAL 2000 orange / front black RAL 9005
CertificatesEN12368, CE