Pedestrian Pushbutton Touchless

High Performance & Optimized Safety

Pedestrian Pushbutton Touchless High Performance & Optimized Safety

One of the world's most advanced Pedestrian Signals

One distinctive feature of the pushbutton is the noise-controlled sound; a microphone continuously measures the surrounding noise level, so the pushbutton can adjust the sound output levels to make sure that it is audible without causing unnecessary disturbance to nearby neighbours.

For safety, the sound is controlled by two microprocessors: One for controlling sound and monitoring inputs, and a second safety processor continuously checks all the pushbutton’s functions are working correctly. Configuration of the pushbutton is easily performed using a PC with a simple terminal interface. By setting the min/max level, it is possible to limit the lowest/highest sound level or set up night-time dimming. The electronics can easily be accessed for maintenance.

The chosen sound can be one of the pre-installed sounds, or personalised by uploading a WAV file. The anti-vandal signal housing is made from aluminium coated with epoxy primer and can be painted in any RAL colour. A direction arrow on top of the cover shows the exact walking direction. Long-life LED indicators are used to show when a request to cross has been received.

To limit the spread of virus outbreak such as Covid-19, we can now offer you an updated touchsensor, which register a finger without physical contact. The pedestrian just needs to hold their hand over the button and wait for green light.

Key Benefits

Noise controlled acoustic output
Pre-installed sounds or upload via WAV file
Touchless sensor for optimized safety
Direction arrow on the top cover that shows walking direction
Easy to install and maintain