FUTURLED 6 - 40/42/48V AC

Low Voltage Safety

FUTURLED 6 - 40/42/48V AC Low Voltage Safety

Low voltage safety systems have become an important issue in traffic signalling. Better monitoring and increased safety for the people directly working at the traffic signals on the street are the main reasons for this trend.

Due to different local requirements of each country SWARCO offers a wide range of FUTURLED LED units adapted to local specifications or special customers’ need.


Central Light



  • no LED dots visible, very uniform signal glow – central light source
  • highest anti-phantom performance (class 5)
  • lowest power consumption and brilliant light output
  • all products traceable by serial number
  • custom-made masks allow any symbol display
  • life cycle > 5 years
  • optimized thermal concept reduces degradation to a minimum
  • automatic light compensation in case of diode failure
  • proven technology
  • dimming function available
  • DIN VDE0832-compliant FUTURLED6 modules available
  • FUTURLED6 available acc. to OCIT-, ASTRIN-, UK-specification
  • also available with uncolored lens
  • available with white LEDs for public transport
  • available in diameter 100 / 200 / 300 mm

Technical Details

Optical performancemeet EN 12368 and local requirements or even surpass them
EMCacc. EN 50293
Ambient temperature range
acc. to EN12368
Class A, B, C
(-40°C to +60°C)
Protection classSafety Class II acc. to EN 61140
TightnessIP 65 acc. to EN 60529
Impact resistanceClass IR3; acc. to EN 60598-1
Material of lens / housingUV-stabilized polycarbonate
Weight100 mm: < 0.25 kg
200 mm: < 0.9 kg
300 mm: < 1.5 kg
Cable2 x 0.75 mm²; 1 m
Dimensions (incl. front lens)

100 mm: Ø 108 x 72 mm
200 mm: Ø 210 x 117 mm
300 mm: Ø 300 x 149 mm

For more technical details please don't hesitate to contact us.

The values shown are nominal for the FUTURLED6 product. SWARCO design and manufacture variations of the FUTURLED6 module to comply with local in country standards. Local in country models of the FUTURLED6 family may exceed the stated values.
Customer-specific versions are available on request.