With Alform Frame

HINGED SIGNS With Alform Frame

Hinged signs are ideal for displaying variable or temporary information. At road works, diversion routes, events, etc.

The Base plate is coated and comes with one or two flaps (foil type 1 or 2). It is possible to have 1 or 2 sign faces and a neutral base sign (or 3rd sign face). The sign can be locked.

  • Base plate made of 3mm aluminium wit ALFROM II frame
  • 3mm aluminium flaps
  • Stainless steel hinges.
  • Spacers between base plate and flaps to protect foil
  • Mountied with one or two poles or sign frames

Technical Details

1. ALFORM-II Frame                  4. Flap 

2. Flap arrester                           5. Drill-hole for padlock

3. Base plate                               6. Lever to release arrester

Recommended sizes in


750 x 750

1.000 x 1.000

1.250 x 750

1.500 x 1.250

1.500 x 1.000

1.750 x 1.500

2.000 x 1.500

Maximum sign height 2.500 mm