Hinged Signs

Uncomplicated transformation artists

Hinged Signs Uncomplicated transformation artists

Introducing a unique product on the traffic sign market: the SWARCO hinged sign. Changing motifs. Without electricity. Cheaper than prismatic turners. Simple to handle. SWARCO's hinged signs can do all that.

Hinged signs are genuine transformation artists and ideally suited for the temporary display of changing, variable and time-limited information. They are used at construction sites or checkpoints as well as for diversions, road works, tunnel closures or events.

The sturdy hinged sign consists of a 3 mm strong aluminium base sign with ALFORM-II or ALFORM-III frame. In addition, it has one or optionally two hinged sashes, which allow a variation in the display. This results in up to three different display options.

The hinged sashes are interchangeable and are made of 3 mm strong aluminium as well. The traffic sign is hinged in folder form with rings and has a lockable self-closing latch for fixing. Spacers made of rubber are fitted between the hinged panel and the basic sign to prevent damage to the foil or rattling noises. This ensures a long service life. The hinged signs provide a unique uniform image in any position without disturbing edge offsets caused by hinges or foil joints.

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Video visualisations of several Hinged Sign options

Technical Details

  1. ALFORM-II Frame
  2. Flap arrester
  3. Base plate
  4. Flap 
  5. Drill-hole for padlock
  6. Lever to release arrester
  • Base plate and hinged sashes made of 3 mm thick aluminium
  • Optionally one or two hinged sashes
  • Hinges made of stainless steel
  • Lockable self-closing latch
  • Hole for padlock available

Recommended sizes in


750 x 750

1.000 x 1.000

1.250 x 750

1.500 x 1.250

1.500 x 1.000

1.750 x 1.500

2.000 x 1.500

Maximum sign height 2.500 mm