Transparity® TMS

Enables transportation professionals to proactively manage traffic flow and promote mobility

Transparity® TMS  Enables transportation professionals to proactively manage traffic flow and promote mobility

Transparity Traffic Management System (TMS) enables transportation professionals to proactively manage traffic flow and promote mobility through real-time traffic data collection and management tools. Built around user input and decades of industry expertise, the modern architecture of Transparity TMS is designed to meet the demands of today’s transportation network and adapt with your needs as they evolve. With a simple, yet powerful means of collecting and displaying information, and access to data anytime, anywhere; Transparity TMS will take your traffic operations to new heights.

  • Monitor system-wide traffic conditions and devices
  • Command innovative control strategies
  • Analyze performance and trends
  • Enable proactive management
  • Centralize documentation and inventory control
  • Ensure system integrity through data validation
  • Boost accountability through user security, controller, and activity logs
  • Connect communities and jurisdictions
  • Enable connected vehicle applications

Monitor System-Wide Traffic & Devices

  • Survey traffic conditions remotely
  • Monitor system-wide device status in real-time
  • Log detailed intersection operations
  • Receive instant notifications of device or traffic performance issues
  • Record user activity and controller access

Analyze Traffic Trends

  • Measure performance for individual intersections and coordinated systems
  • Generate reports in current or historic trends, and performance measures
  • Analyze vehicular, pedestrian, EV preemption, and transit signal priority data
  • Integrate with FHWA high-resolution event reports

Implement control strategies

  • Command controller TOD operations
  • Modify phase sequence and pattern in response to specific traffic conditions
  • Reduce congestion and increase efficiency
  • Implement adaptive signal control strategies

Manage Assets, Tasks & Users

  • Schedule Controller Operations, device log retrieval, and event notification from one central scheduler
  • Consolidate system-wide information in central database
  • Track assets and inventory
  • Enforce system security through unique user permissions
  • Reduce inefficiencies and issues related to mismanagement of controller timing
  • Verify and validate timing parameters

Connect Users, Agencies, & Devices

  • Support inter-jurisdictional data exchange and control strategies in regional deployments
  • Integrate NTCIP-compliant devices
  • Enable multiple data subscription services for CAV applications

Windows-based application using client-server architecture, .NET framework, and MS SQL Server database.

    Compatible with 170, 2070, NEMA TS 1 and TS 2, as ATC controllers running NTCIP-compliant local control software and select 170 and 2040 traffic controller programs. Permits integration with IP-enabled devices such as CCTV camera, batter backup systems (BBS(, EV preemption devices, and traffic signal monitors (CMS/MMU).

      Ongoing support packages are available to ensure that you always have the latest software version. Contact your McCain representative for more details.