MyCity UTMC enables road users to enjoy safer, more efficient journeys.

Current Challenges

Technology is an essential tool in keeping data, goods and people moving safely every day across our UK road networks. Most road transport authorities have a broad range of technology roadside assets as well as back-office and cloud-based systems.

From traffic signals to variable message signs, CCTV cameras to road sensors, managing so many different assets from different eras and with varying software interfaces, can make the simplest of traffic management tasks difficult, disruptive and time consuming.

These challenges could be easily resolved if all technology assets could be managed and controlled in real time and from one accessible platform.

Introducing MyCity UTMC

MyCity UTMC is a platform for the strategic, dynamic and holistic management of road network infrastructure. MyCity UTMC enables road network operators to monitor and control all connected roadside devices, from one online user interface.

Its secure platform continuously gathers and analyses both live and historic traffic data from a wide range of sensors across the road network to build a comprehensive and detailed view of traffic behaviour across a road network.

This means that any changes in traffic patterns are identified in real-time, pin-pointed to the exact location via the MyCity UTMC interface and operators are alerted to incidents in real time allowing prompt and effective intervention. This enables operators to better utilise roadside assets to alleviate congestion and keep traffic moving safely and effectively.

In addition, planned events can be easily and effectively managed as operators can set up traffic management strategies ahead of time, for example setting event signage or varying signal plans to account for different traffic patterns. These strategies are fully automated, activated based on the event schedule, and are responsive to changing, real time traffic conditions.

Benefits of MyCity UTMC

MyCity UTMC enables operators to integrate existing assets and by implementing the UTMC specification, this allows for maximum interoperability providing significant cost savings. Hosted in SWARCO’s data centres, MyCity UTMC runs in a private cloud built specifically for safe, secure real time traffic operations.

Most importantly, MyCity UTMC enables road users to enjoy safer, more efficient journeys, and the road network operators to effectively manage to network for the benefit of their local communities and the economy.