Peek Traffic VECOM

Public Transport V2I communication

Peek Traffic VECOM Public Transport V2I communication

Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside is a powerful communication system that meets all the requirements of traffic flows and safety.

Exchange real-time information

The growing role of the city as a place to live and work makes substantial demands on the quality of transport in the urban environment. Passengers want reliable and structured public transport, while public transport operators aim to operate efficiently. What’s more, the road authorities want a tool they can use to grant right of way to priority vehicles, such as buses and trams, with safety and traffic flow as the highest priority. Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside is a powerful communication system that meets all these requirements, enhancing the quality of everyday life in the world’s busiest cities.

Vehicle Communication

Peek Traffic VECOM® by Peek Traffic stands for Vehicle Communication. Its principal function is to exchange real-time information between mobile vehicle equipment and stationary equipment located along the route. This solution was specifically developed to identify moving vehicles to regulate safety, priority and predictability. Vehicle identification is used to request priority at controlled junctions, to control tram-track switches, to report trams and buses entering and exiting bus stations and to accurately localize and register vehicles.

Accurate positioning

The strength of Peek Traffic VECOM® lies in accurately determining the position of any priority vehicle. Peek Traffic VECOM® therefore provides accurate information as input for other systems, which use the data to finalise a request for priority, or to set a specific switch in the required position at the right time. Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside provides all the necessary information to the traffic control system, giving a tram or a bus selective and conditional priority via the traffic lights. Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside communicates in a similar manner with the systems that control the tram track switches.

Proven implementation

Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside is a proven system in major cities across the globe. High precision, high reliability and the low maintenance costs are the primary reasons for selecting this system. Dynniq offers advice and supplies the system worldwide, including the necessary services that allow it to be installed and configured under our own management. We implemented the system in cities such as Hong Kong, where we equipped over 160 vehicles with Peek Traffic VECOM®, and in Amsterdam, where the city’s tram network features Peek Traffic VECOM® Roadside. Urban transport operators are among our largest clients. Peek Traffic VECOM® contributes to the efficient operation of public transport services in San Francisco, Dublin, Dallas, Milan, Hamburg and many other major world cities.

Next generation: Peek Traffic VECOM2X

With the new Peek Traffic VECOM® on-board equipment, the Peek Traffic VECOM2X, we opened the way to the future of mobility. Cooperative and connected mobility is an important development in our society in the coming decades. Ultimately, the use of cooperative mobility will result in public transport vehicles that are able to provide traditional management systems with all the information that is currently obtained from the vehicle itself and from the roadside. Peek Traffic VECOM2X adopts the latest standards in the IT architecture of public transport fleets to provide full interoperability with other modules in the vehicles and the outside world (ITxPT). The on-board unit is fully IP based and communicates via Ethernet with the other components in the vehicle. All interfaces and protocols comply with the latest ITxPT standards.