smart traffic steering

MyHighway smart traffic steering

The Solution at a Glance

Central software platform for monitoring and controlling freeways 
and high-performance roads

Optimization of traffic flow improves the traffic situation

Intelligent data analysis and processing as well as control algorithms for recording and controlling the traffic situation

Mitigation of peak loads and traffic jams

Reduction of standing and driving times to reduce environmental pollution

Speed harmonization and hazard warning, convenient and immediate traffi c control in case of accidents, incidents and construction measures

High integrability and user-friendliness of the software solution

The option of a hosted solution as-a-service to reduce investment 

Shorter travel times - lower environmental impact

The intelligent traffic management system MyHighway defuses peak loads, reduces congestion & subsequent accidents and makes a lasting contribution to more environmentally friendly traffic.

Through central control and management of traffic, problematic stretches of road can be flexibly relieved and travel and idle times reduced, which directly contributes to a reduction in air pollution.