EPIC enables an end-to-end solution with a single supplier responsible for managing the complete supply chain.

Current Challenges

The way motorways and our strategic road network are used is changing. With ever increasing traffic volumes, dynamic road and weather conditions, our challenges not only include road user safety and efficiency but also air quality and sustainability.

There are many assets deployed across our strategic road networks such as Number Plate Recognition cameras, CCTV and Traffic Monitoring Units which continuously gather valuable data.

Turning this valuable data into useable information not only improves efficiency, but it also provides an effective way to communicate concise information to road users.

However, large Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which integrate these technologies present complex procurement challenges. This is because it normally involves various field assets, specialist software and service providers all of which can be costly and time-consuming for a Network Operator to manage and procure.

Introducing EPIC

By acting as a single supplier to Engineer, Procure, Install and Commission (EPIC), this removes the risk and cost of managing multiple suppliers. It enables an end-to-end solution with a single supplier responsible for managing the complete supply chain.

With a high quality, secure and reliable supply chain, we are able to procure all of the field assets, infrastructure and associated software needed to operate a fully integrated system.

Our team of specialist engineers thoroughly and robustly test the systems before commissioning to ensure that they are effective, reliable, safe and fit for purpose.

Benefits of EPIC

EPIC is a significant technology project, delivering substantial environmental, societal and safety benefits.

With information being presented in a concise way using Variable Message Signs, road users are more likely to respond to dynamic road conditions if they receive accurate information in real time.

Smart algorithms continuously monitor weather and traffic conditions in real time to the Operations Control Centre enabling rapid response to incidents. By introducing variable speeds during peak traffic this will not only greatly improve traffic flow, but also helps to reduce congestion which improves air quality, and removes the risk of avoidable collisions by sudden braking.

EPIC makes procurement easy, enabling road operators to focus on delivering the right outcomes whilst helping road users enjoy safer, more efficient journeys.