Permanent Pavement Marking Tapes

DIRECTOR-60 Permanent Pavement Marking Tapes

For durable, highly reflective, pliant polymer pavement markings, SWARCO's DIRECTOR-60 series is the tape of choice. DIRECTOR 60 is available in roll goods, symbols and legends. Our standard colors are white, yellow and lead-free yellow but we can customize an order with the colors of your choice. Standard markings include all intersection delineations, lane lines, hospital and fire zones, and handcapped parking. Swarco can also custom-design and manufacture any symbol you require. The only limitation is your imagination.

DIRECTOR-60 pavement markings are exceptionally durable and easy to install, limiting the need for road closures. The tapes can be inlaid or overlaid, allowing roadways to be opened to traffic immediately after installation. The retroreflective properties of DIRECTOR 60 tapes provide outstanding visibility to ensure traffic safety in the most adverse weather or traffic conditions.