Our Most Advanced Rapid Charger

RAPTION 50 RAPID (DC) Our Most Advanced Rapid Charger

The Raption Charger is an all in one solution, where the power module is housed within the main unit and offers the quickest charging solution available. These chargers are equipped with dual technology allowing simultaneous charging in DC and AC.

This slim line model offers an excellent opportunity for advertising and can even incorporate a large digital display screen on the front of the unit. The unit has been designed with practicality in mind, with easy access doors for servicing and retractable front connector cables.

Human Machine Interface

  • 8" Touch screen (including multiple languages)
  • User friendly interface
  • Start, Stop and emergency buttons
  • Light indications for status
  • RFID identification and prepayment
  • Consumption counter kWh and charging time displayed
  • Large branding/advertising space with option for digital screen

Back Office integration

  • Real time energy metering
  • Remote control and monitoring through standard XML & HTML
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseTX communication
  • 3G communication (optional)
  • OCPP 1.5 (1.6 & 2.0 Coming soon)
  • NFC and VISA payment


  • EV standards: IEC 62196-3, IEC 61851-1, CHAdeMO and CCS (combo 2)
  • Cool lighting system for easy use in dark locations

Technical Details