Alert drivers to the hazards around schools

SCHOOL SAFETY VMS Alert drivers to the hazards around schools

Specific to the unique environment of roads around schools, SWARCO’s latest range of school warning variable message signs (VMS) can be configured to suit local requirements.

A variety of designs are available including temporary speed restrictions, or the warning triangle with a representation of children crossing and text. 

Using SWARCO’s patented low energy LED system means that renewable power sources such as solar are an ideal power solution or alternatively mains or switched mains are available.

Managing these signs with SWARCO’s sign management system means you are able to easily timetable signs to fit with local school hours and term times up to three years in advance, time synchronise multiple signs at the same location for maximum effect and gain access to a fully comprehensive report recording sign status, timetables, activations as well as power consumption and error reports. All of this can be accessed either on site via wi-fi or remotely using our web-based interface, Zephyr.


Proven Reliability


High Energy-


Conforms to all relevant standards


Options & Bespoke Designs

Technical Details

Communication with interface

Ethernet / Wi-fi/ 2G/3G/4G Modem; Accessible locally using access point or remotely via 4G connection

Master to slave sign network communications

300m built in radio, 6Km external radio with option to increase with dummy signs

Network Size

8 signs per network


Allows control of; flashers, modem, radio/s, 24/48v inverter, GPS receiver. Able to move signs into sleep mode or select on/off times or 'special days'