Snap-Lock Jointing Enclosure made of Transparent Polycarbonate

PTC SNAP-LOCK JOINTING ENCLOSURE Snap-Lock Jointing Enclosure made of Transparent Polycarbonate

The PTC snap-lock jointing enclosure is a revolutionary system for the easy, clean and quick connection of different cables and wires. Exemplary for the application fields is the connection of inductive loops with a feeder cable.

    The enclosure is made of transparent polycarbonate which allows the internal visual inspection of the connections from the outside. The innovative locking and sealing mechanism guarantees the repeated entry and closure of the jointing enclosure for maintenance and examination means.

    To do so, no tools are necessary. This built-up allows exchanging the connection cables without cable loss and without additional costs. For the protection against manipulation, the locking mechanism can be sealed with a lead seal.

    Since no resin or gel is needed for sealing, the enclosure can be used directly immediately. There are no waiting or hardening times. Additionally, the PTC reusable jointing enclosure has an unlimited shelf life.


    • Water proof connection for cables
    • Connection of inductive loops with feeder cable


    • Transparent polycarbonate
    • UV-stable, therefore suited for outdoor usage
    • No oxidation: Metal parts (thread only) made of brass
    • No environmentally harmful material used
    • Water and dust proof: protection class IP68
    • Suited for single and multi-core cables


    • Quick handling saves 50 percent of time
    • No waiting times; ready for operation directly after mounting
    • No resin or gel required
    • Unlimited shelf life
    • Visual internal inspection of the terminals (transparent)
    • Repeated uncomplicated entry and closure
    • No loss of cable when renewing feeder cable
    • Repeatedly reusable
    • Higher profitability


    • Easy and quick handling without additional devices or specialist tools
    • Suited for fibre optic cable, aluminium cable and copper cable / wires
    • Later examination and disruption of the connection possible without effort and costs
    • Resistant against environmental conditions (Polycarbonate)
    • Sealing to protect against unauthorised opening 
    • Standard models with two, three or four screws
    • Standard seals and bungs for several cables and different diameters


    The PTC snap-lock reusable jointing enclosure is available in three standard models for a multitude of applications.

    For an optimum sealing we recommend longitudinally watertight cable with the according single and multiple seals.